The Dogfish: Ugliest and most detested fish in local waters

A couple months ago, I wrote here about the ugliest fish you can catch in Boston Harbor and in the Northeast generally. The feedback I have gotten is that the Spiny Dogfish is not only the ugliest, but most disliked fish in local waters. Not only do they interfere with cod fishing, they also tend to be difficult to remove from a line, and occasionally stab a fisherman with that nasty spine on the back fin. I constantly hear fishermen complaining about Dogfish when they are out trying to catch some better tasting ground fish, like Cod, Haddock or Pollock.

The good news is that Massachusetts law says there is no limit on the amount of these things you can catch and keep. Additionally, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (read: your tax dollars hard at work) is currently soliciting feedback about a proposed rule change to allow greater commercial catches of Dogfish. From someone who fishes these waters a lot- trust me- Dogfish are plentiful.

One ugly sucker who (unfortunately for both of us) ended up getting hooked on my line.

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One Response to The Dogfish: Ugliest and most detested fish in local waters

  1. bryan says:

    I would have to challenge your ugliest fish statement.
    Check out the stargazer. Although the name sounds somewhat romantic, unless you like an electric shock and huge bulging eyes on the top of the head of your woman, this thing is UGLY and dangerous. I pulled one of these creatures up in the summer of 96, and still have nightmares, especially since I did not know what it was, and didnt find at after the fact that it can electrocute you.

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