Disappointment of the week- Georges Island dock still closed

I cruised over to Georges Island yesterday for the first time of the season to see if the long awaited re-opening of the public dock has occurred. It turns out that…. it has not. It is still under construction (two cranes involved).

I was disappointed, as this is my favorite harbor island- which I laid out in my earlier review. Doesn’t it seem like most construction projects in Massachusetts take a very, very long time to be completed? Take the Neponset River Bridge on route 3A in Quincy, for example. Well, I digress…..

The good news is that Georges Island is still open to the ferry, which is operated by Boston’s Best Cruises and can get you there very quickly from Long Wharf. We used to take this service before we had our own boat, and we always had a good time. Georges Island is home to Fort Warren, and there is also a Jasper White’s Summer Shack on the island. Perhaps Jasper should give the construction crew a little positive encouragement to finish up the public dock- it would be good for his business.

We will have more stories about Georges Island later on, but for now, go visit!!!


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2 Responses to Disappointment of the week- Georges Island dock still closed

  1. Great blog! I was chatting with some folks who are connected with the island access issue and they tell me georges dock will not be open to recreational boaters this year. Wondering if you had any further info.. Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Thanks for stopping by Tom! We enjoy reading Boating Local as well…

      We don’t have any further info on public docks in the future at Georges Island, but will definitely post something if we find out more.


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