Just Floundering Around

Here is an update on Fluke and Flounder- a.k.a the “flat fish” -with two silly looking crossed eyes on the top of their heads. I am hearing good things about the prospects of catching a large quantity of flounder from local fishermen on the docks. These things can be good eating if you catch one big enough. And they tend to be relatively easy to catch in both Quincy and Hingham Bays. Last season, I saw guys bring back 10-15 fish at a time and clean them right at the dock.

I have seen a lot of boats out off Rainsford Island and the Hospital Shoal, which are the most popular spots to go for flounder. My favorite spot is the NW side of Peddocks Island (Perry Cove), which is right across the channel from the Hospital Shoal. I was there this weekend and will show you the coordinates (see below).

Apologies in advance for the shameless advertisement of BC in my jersey in the background above. But if BC incorporated a flounder catching team into their athletic program with me as the captain, it would probably have a better record than basketball or football this year.

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