Dogfish: A Boston Harbor pest, but good eating

 I have become frustrated recently by the large number of Dogfish I have been catching relative to Cod, Stripers and Blues. So I decided to do something about it.

As many fisherman know, the Dogfish is practically an invasive species with a voracious appetite, and has crowded out the Cod population of Massachusetts Bay. These fish have been called the most detested fish in local waters, and also rank highly on the list of ugliest fish. While recently reading about Dogfish, I came across a great website,, which inspired me to think about having some Dogfish for dinner!

It turns out that Dogfish is regularly harvested in New England and is eaten as the fish in Fish and Chips. It has also been compared to Monkfish, which was considered garbage due to its hideous looks, until someone figured out that it tasted pretty good. I caught this fish using frozen squid, near thieves ledge in Boston harbor (That #1 Green Bell about 3 miles east of Allerton Point).


I cleaned the fish and cut it into steaks quickly, which evidently needs to be done with this type of fish to prevent the urea in the fish’s guts from leaking into the meat. I threw the steaks in a plastic bag and brought them home. We covered the fish in batter and Panko bread crumbs and threw them on the frying pan for about 8 minutes per side.



The result was delicious. Thanks for the idea!!! The fish is white, tender and meaty fish….but not too fishy. We  enjoyed it thoroughly, although we didn’t give our young son any (since mom was concerned about the potential for high mercury levels).


Here is a very appropriate beverage to wash it down with:


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One Response to Dogfish: A Boston Harbor pest, but good eating

  1. Captain AC says:

    Bullsh*t you were afraid of high mercury levels, you ate the whole freaking fish !!!


    Nice job

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