What to do with the dead whale

I updated this post after checking out the dead whale for myself on Saturday (10/13) as it was washed up on Georges’s Island. It was a sad sight seeing such a magnificent animal just lying there dead. The whale was being guarded by police at the time, and has reportedly now drifted out to sea. Below are two pictures I took followed by my original post from last week below:

 Fort Warren on George’s Island in the background:

 It has been the better part of a week now that we have heard about the dead Finback Whale that has washed up in Boston Harbor. The poor thing was probably hit by a ship, or became entangled somehow in a net or rope. I was out on the water Sunday morning when sightings of the dead whale were first reported, but I didn’t get to see it. I don’t have any of my own pictures, but you can see some pretty good ones here.

The whale was discovered near Deer Island, and has allegedly drifted as far in as the Black Falcon pier. It is now allegedly washed up on Rainsford Island.  Here are three compelling reasons why this dead whale should be removed promptly:

1) It is extremely dangerous to boaters. If a recreational boater or fisherman hits this thing at a time of limited visibility or at night , it could cause serious injury, not to mention property damage. This is quite possible as Rainsford is right in the center of the harbor.

2) It is going to stink. I swear I could smell it from the Hingham commuter boat this evening!

3) It could explode. I’m serious, as the gasses of decomposition build up inside a dead whale, they have been known to cause explosion. Don’t believe me? Read this.

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