November on Boston Harbor

There are still opportunities for boating even in November on Boston Harbor. It is cold, often windy, and the harbors are largely empty with the exception of commercial fleets. shrink wrapped boats line the shores.

It was a cold blustery Saturday out on the water yesterday, serving as a reminder that the boating season is getting close to an end. There seems to always be that one warm, sunny November day that is worth staying in the water for, but yesterday was not that day! It was, however, a sunny afternoon, in which the November sun setting in the distance creates a purple-ish tone in the sky which was quite beautiful. I headed out toward the B buoy yesterday for what was likely my final voyage of the 2012 season, mostly to check on the boat to make sure she fully survived the hurricane. I didn’t stay out long, as the wind was howling and the air was cold. Above is a photo of a container ship as it heads out to sea from Nantasket Roads.

The Salacia is still running. Here it is passing Boston Light:


Pulling into Hingham Harbor for my last trip of the season:


A shot taken from Scituate Harbor. Its cold and not a lot is going on:

Photos taken out Beyond the Harbor entrance on a dark November day in years past. As the sun went down early in the afternoon, a reddish tone appeared behind the city which was quite nice:

Cruise ships line up under a dark and blustery November Sky:

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