Warning markers and beacons in Boston Harbor

boston harbor

Various warning markers, like the one above off sunken ledge in Quincy Bay, are all over Boston Harbor. The marker above is a red light beacon sitting on top of Sunken ledge. Other places one might find a similar beacon in Boston Harbor include the quarantine rocks,  and the rocks at the western end of the Brewster island spit.

Below is a non-lateral navigational aid, known as a diamond day board. These markers are placed to make mariners aware of their location and position. They are typically placed on a landmark or at the entrance to a channel.

Boston harbor

Below is a red day beacon, denoting a large and obvious rock outcrop. A day beacon does not have a light on top, like the larger beacon in the top picture.

boston harbor

Nix’s Mate, possibly the most ominous and dangerous place in the Boston Harbor, is marked with a very unique warning marker- a red and black cone. The picture of low tide below is a reminder of how hazardous this place is to navigate:

boston harbor

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