Raccoon Island: Perhaps Boston Harbor’s least interesting island

Perhaps Boston Harbor’s least notable island, Raccoon Island sits inside the Fore River outlet on the Quincy (west) side. Here is a view of Raccoon Island from the water:

boston harbor

This small island has little known history that I am aware of, and lacks a modern purpose as well. This makes the island unique and gives it the distinction of Boston Harbor’s least interesting island. Other uninteresting islands include Sheep Island in Hingham Bay, and Snake Island off Winthrop. Below is a view of Raccoon Island (center) looking down from Great Hill in North Weymouth:

fore river

In the background of the picture above is the thickly settled Hough’s Neck in Quincy (left) and the West Head of Peddock’s Island (right). Below is a photo of Racoon Island from the beach at Hough’s neck. It is attached to land at low tide, but is too muddy to cross:

low tide quincy

Below is the view looking further up the Fore River from Raccoon Island, towards the Fore River Shipyard industrial area. Here one feels more immersed in a gritty urban environment than out on the Boston Harbor:

boston harbor

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One Response to Raccoon Island: Perhaps Boston Harbor’s least interesting island

  1. Dan Boyd says:

    It may not be interesting to whoever wrote this.
    Houghs Neck locals know a lot more than you do about Raccoon Island. Did you know there used to be a house on there and at one time a small church ?
    For us locals it was a rite of passage to walk to Raccoon at low tide and hopefully make it back before the tide was too high. We also camped out there as we got older.
    I think there are other islands that have much less history than Raccoon Island.
    How would I know ? I grew up on Rock Island, which lies right next to Raccoon Island and I have lived on an island for the past 27 years in the Caribbean. So I guess you could say I’m a real islander ! What does a landlubber like you know anyways ?
    Raccoon Island will always have a memorable place in my heart. No matter what YOU say !

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