Graves Light Up Close

Graves Light up close:

Boston Harbor

A photo of Graves Light, which was reportedly sold for $934,000 last week. Lying low to the waterline and then extending out below it for several hundred yards to the northeast, Graves Ledge is jagged and highly exposed to open seas. It surely is a place of great beauty and historic significance. It is also certainly is a useful beacon, warning ships to steer clear of the ledge and all of the obstructions just inshore of it, including the roaring bulls, Devil’s Back and the Aldrich Ledge.

A photo of the East side of Graves, which I took on a calm autumn evening as the sun set (sometime back in 2007):


A long view of the Graves, taken from its Northeast side, with the City of Boston skyline in the background :

boston harbor

Graves Ledges up close, again with the city in the distance:


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2 Responses to Graves Light Up Close

  1. dave waller says:

    Thanks for the confidence and support over our family’s decision to purchase and renovate Graves Light and Fog Station! It’s certainly got a lot of folks talking, and we wake up every morning thinking “is this for real? – did we actually buy Graves Light?”. We’ll undoubtedly encounter many roadblocks along the journey, but we’re committed to doing our best to protect and preserve a great Boston Harbor landmark. To date, we’ve had over 200 positive emails in support and only one neutral. We’ll do our very best to make sure Graves brings delight (and of course safety) to seafaring folk for years to come. Again – our thanks for your blessing – The Wallers

    • BHB says:

      Thanks for commenting, Dave. I have been going out around Graves for years, so I know the area quite well. If I can be any help to you, please don’t hesitate to ask!

      Its a place of history,and mystery! Natural beauty abounds at Graves: from the striped bass lurking in the steep ledge’s depths, to the flocks of Eiders scurrying in the surf…some nights in the midsummer,the waters are so calm, one can see the schools of small fish feeding at the surface. Yet during a Nor’ester, you can stand on Fort Revere and see the ocean’s fury smash against Graves Light.

      There is truly something mystical about Boston’s “other” lighthouse….The tourists and locals alike know of the big, bright, white Boston Light- but are fascinated to hear that there is yet another lighthouse, dark and gray, lying further offshore.

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