The South Shore: Long distance perspectives from sea

The ocean’s vast expanse obscures the structures on land and makes little of the distance between them. Below are some photos of landmarks around the south shore, as seen from far out in the ocean, and taken with a zoom lens.

A view of Minot light with the Nantasket shores and the city of Boston skyline seen in the backdrop as seen from the waters outside Scituate harbor:

south shore

Scituate Light at the entrance to Scituate Harbor, with Lawson Tower in the background:

lawson tower

A view looking South from near Harding’s Ledge of Minot Light, with Lawson Tower in the background:

south shore

A view of Minot and the Southern Hull wind turbine, as seen from the green “21″ can, located about two miles East of the Lighthouse:


Looking back to the Southwest at blue hill, from Boston Light at dusk:


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One Response to The South Shore: Long distance perspectives from sea

  1. jimmm says:

    Terrific perspectives! Thank you!

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