Monster Crab Alert!!!

The combination of low tide and dusk means one thing at New England beaches- Crabs!

While I was wading out in the shallow part of the beach last night I was attacked by this monster crab. He was pretty fierce, but i risked a few digits to pick him up and carry him back to shore for the sake of entertaining my young son. I would say that this crab was over a foot long when measured from claw to claw.

Pretty fierce!

We ultimately let him go, being the lovers of all creatures (except Spiny Dogfish) that we are…this monster crab quickly scurried back to into the deep waters to attack someone else.

The abundance of crabs in the waters around the Boston Harbor and Massachusetts Bay beaches is a good sign, as it is indicative of a healthy aquatic ecosystem. Boaters can easily catch crabs with a crab trap at the dock. They are not great eating, but are fun to catch.

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