About BHB

Hello and welcome to Boston Harbor Beacon!  This blog is about the history of Boston Harbor.

4 Responses to About BHB

  1. Rich says:

    nice blog – have you been up for long? I think it’s just what we needed to share info about the harbor.. thanks for setting it up.

  2. Bob says:

    Wow, I finished reading all the entries over the last couple of days. I wish I’d found it before last season, which was my first season boating in the harbor. I used to trailer a much smaller boat before the 2012 season, but slipped a 25 footer in Winthrop last season. Now you’ve given me so many ideas for this summer, it can’t get here soon enough. Thank you!

  3. jimmm says:

    Great to discover this site! Looking forward to reading it and digging into your archives. Thanks!

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