About BHB

Hello and welcome to Boston Harbor Beacon!  This blog will be focusing on boating in the Boston Harbor.  We will be covering topics such as fishing, day trips, maintenance tips, navigational issues, and other boating-related subjects.  For non-boaters, we will also be writing posts about how to get access to the Harbor Islands, tourist ideas, and historical information about the Boston Harbor.  Please follow Boston Harbor Beacon on Facebook and/or Twitter to get updates!

5 Responses to About BHB

  1. Rich says:

    nice blog – have you been up for long? I think it’s just what we needed to share info about the harbor.. thanks for setting it up.

  2. Bob says:

    Wow, I finished reading all the entries over the last couple of days. I wish I’d found it before last season, which was my first season boating in the harbor. I used to trailer a much smaller boat before the 2012 season, but slipped a 25 footer in Winthrop last season. Now you’ve given me so many ideas for this summer, it can’t get here soon enough. Thank you!

  3. jimmm says:

    Great to discover this site! Looking forward to reading it and digging into your archives. Thanks!

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